Certified Organic Since 1981

The Triple Green Canopy (Roof)

One of the largest solar arrays in the Santa Cruz Mountains is at Silver Mountain. Built in 2009, the multi-purpose 'Triple Green Canopy'  reduces energy requirements, saves resources, makes Silver Mountain entirely energy self-sufficient, and generate extra energy to the power grid. Its construction is in keeping with the organic and sustainable philosophy that Jerold O'Brien has practiced with his vineyard and winery since the inception of Silver Mountain.                                            

Jerold O’Brien intended to construct a roof over the winery ever since the Loma Prieta earthquake destroyed the original winery in 1989 and he had to rebuild. The roof covers and integrates all the winery operations. It had to be designed and engineered to cover three levels of winery operations, including the ‘loading dock’; the crush pad and settling tanks; and the fermenters and bottling operation on the lowest level. It had to withstand winds of at least 100mph, and meet the highest seismic standards.

And despite its size it had to have the least impact possible on the expansive views overlooking the mountains, so enjoyed by visitors to the winery. The steel structure and roof was built by Star Building Systems in Lockford; Karl Coombs of ACS Architects in Palo Alto was the architect.